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    Black Swans are a brand-new outfit from Liverpool whose debut album The Life We Chose looks set to be one of the more enduringly impressive records of the year. If you are looking for ballpark comparisons - and, regrettably, who isn't? - think the place where Coldplay meet Biffy Clyro meet early Radiohead, but with a momentum, and a spin, all their own. Few first singles, for example, manage to be quite so understatedly affecting and widescreen big, but 'Be There' is one of them. Five years in the making, Black Swans offer proof that good things really do come to those who wait. 


    In May 2013 Black Swans signed to Alexis Records to release 'Be There' physically in the USA, after a 1000 run vinyl sell out in the UK. 

    'Really really good' NME

    'Epic' Q magazine

    'Effortlessly cool' GQ magazine (UK)



    Visit Black Swans Blog to discover how 'Be There' has catapulted Black Swans into people's eyes and ears.

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